The Thriving Yoga Teacher

the thriving yoga teacher: how to create a sustainable career teaching yoga

Say goodbye to being a being a broke-ass, burnt-out yoga teacher

and hello to a sustainable, thriving career doing what you love.


and obvious choice for Yoga Teacher Training programs.

Michelle Linane has done a great job of both compiling the many strategies that can go into building a sustainable teaching career and providing informed perspective for the reader to consider when calculating which combination of strategies is right for them. ‘The Thriving Yoga Teacher’ is an obvious choice for Yoga Teacher Training programs and for any yoga teacher looking for a concise and practical resource to help them expand their reach and increase their income without sacrificing your health or your sanity.” ~ Hari-Kirtana Das

The Thriving Yoga Teacher, by Michelle Linane

Foreword by Mark Stephens, author of Teaching Yoga: Essential Foundations & Techniques


Whether your dream is quitting your 9-to-5 to pursue teaching full-time, traveling the world sharing the light of yoga, or simply earning enough to live without financial stress, The Thriving Yoga Teacher is your blueprint to creating the fulfilling yoga career you always dreamed of. Featuring stories from real teachers, this insightful book will not only inspire you to move forward, but give you the practical skills to make it happen. Providing more tactical advice and resources than any other book on the business of teaching yoga, this book is a must read for teachers at any stage in their career.

In this step-by-step guide to teaching yoga bliss, you’ll learn:

  • How to build a thriving business teaching yoga with professionalism and mindful business strategy
  • How to diversify your teaching methods to generate multiple streams of income and a sustainable livelihood
  • How to maximize your potential and combine your complimentary passions and modalities with teaching yoga
  • How to eliminate the guesswork in your outreach efforts, and attract students who resonate with you and are eager to go deeper into your teachings
  • How to fill your classes and workshops, book private clients and land high-paying corporate gigs
  • How to teach yoga in the digital age, build your own virtual studio and use online platforms in a manner that’s effective and suitable to you
  • How to recognize and overcome the fear that’s holding you back from living your dharma
  • How to build your career around your life, instead of a life around your career
  • Where to find even more resources and support to help you along your way to manifesting your dream career as a yoga teacher

Whether you are a new or established yoga teacher, step fully into your purpose teaching yoga with the guidance of this book and the wisdom within you.

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about the author

Hi! I’m Michelle,

A number of years ago I got into the yoga business out of love for the practice, but I had no idea what I was doing when it came to the business side of yoga. As the founder and sole operator of a donation-based studio, everything was up to me and I quickly learned the ropes. Amidst my own hustle, it became very apparent that teaching yoga wasn’t all peace, love and leggings. I witnessed many teachers struggle to pay their bills, despite all their hard work and endless giving.

The Thriving Yoga Teacher, is my way of bridging that gap between passion and a successful career. My intention is for this book to be a guiding resource (something I wish was available to me years ago), and to help teachers earn a sustainable livelihood doing what they love, so we can help heal this world.

My journey into entrepreneurship and the land of teaching yoga

In 2004 I stepped into my first yoga class and walked out thinking, huh…well that was strange. Luckily for me, the practice kept calling my name and I found myself in downward facing dog time and time again. A few years later, when my life became so busy I hardly recognized myself, yoga became my saving grace. I was juggling a job, an internship, and I was in my senior year of college. My mind was a mess and my body a wreck, but yoga gave me a chance to heal and think clearly. At the time, I was practicing at a donation-based studio called Yoga To The People, and when I stepped out of that studio and onto the streets of Berkeley, California, I was no longer tense in my shoulders, mad at my boyfriend, or worried about my job performance and finances. I felt peace, and my life was forever changed.

Fast forward a few years, I found myself once again at a point where my worklife was running my whole life. I was tired of competing in a saturated job market and working for other people. In fact I was so tired of it, that one day I woke up and said f*@# it! I’m going into business for myself and I’m opening a yoga studio! A donation-based one of course, because I had to give back what yoga (and Yoga To The People) had given me. So, in 2013 I opened the doors to Be The Change Yoga & Wellness in San Jose, CA.

Immersing myself in the practice, study and business of yoga, I heard my calling to teach and enrolled in a 200 hour training with one of the best teachers in the world, Mark Stephens at Santa Cruz Yoga. Nearing the end of the course, I had already begun to miss it and that’s when the idea of Love Teaching Yoga came to me. If you’re a yoga teacher too, then you know the learning never ends, so I wanted to create a nurturing environment for teachers to learn, grow and support one another just as teacher trainings do.

As simple as it may seem to outsiders, teaching yoga is actually a very complex practice to teach, and just like any profession, there’s always emerging trends, ideas, technologies and advancements in our understanding of the practice and profession themselves. Being in the midst of the internet changing how we exchange and receive information, I knew that an online platform would enable us to reach more teachers while making resources more affordable and accessible. I believe in the power of numbers, and that the love and support of a passionate tribe is what determines the success of any yoga teacher and thus, the impact that we make on the world as whole. It is my purest intention to provide value, inspiration, quality information and a place for yoga teachers to come together from around the globe. Together, we will make this world a brighter place. Namaste.