Looking for an expert on the business of teaching yoga and career development for yoga teachers?

I’m Your Gal!

As a freelance yoga teacher, studio founder and the creator of Love Teaching Yoga, I’m no stranger to the hustle of a yoga teacher and entrepreneur. It’s pretty safe to say I’m a fanatic of all things yoga, but over the years, my love for the practice has transformed into a deep passion for helping my fellow yoga teachers navigate the career path. I’ve witnessed too many teachers struggle to pay their bills despite all their hard work and giving, and I’ve been there too. Now, my life’s work is being a resource, coach and shoulder to lean on for the teaching community.

Let’s talk about:

  • The joys and hardships of being a yoga teacher
  • How to create a thriving career teaching yoga
  • Marketing, branding and building a following
  • Teaching yoga in the digital age
  • What it means to be an independent contractor
  • My personal journey through yoga and entrepreneurship


“Business skills are the missing ingredients to on-going success for many teachers. Passion without a plan, without action, and without hard work won’t produce your dream career. Lucky for you, passion isn’t something you can learn, but business is.”

The Thriving Yoga Teacher: How To Create A Sustainable Career Doing What You Love


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Michelle Linane is a yoga lover, student and teacher. Over the years, her love for yoga has transformed into a deep passion for helping fellow teachers. She’s the author of The Thriving Yoga Teacher: How To Create A Sustainable Career Doing What You Love, the host of the Love Teaching Yoga Podcast and the creator of the Love Teaching Yoga website, a growing library of online resources to help yoga teachers refine their skills and build their careers. She’s also the founder of Be The Change Yoga & Wellness, a donation-based studio in California. With a strong community focus, Michelle took yoga outside the studio walls and brought yoga programs to local parks, schools and businesses.

Michelle wholeheartedly believes in these words from Robert John Meehan, “The most valuable resource that all teachers have is each other. Without collaboration, our growth would be limited to our own perspective.”


business skills for yoga teachers
the thriving yoga teacher: how to create a sustainable career teaching yoga


“Yoga is a crowded industry, but a niche makes you the big fish in a small pond. I know it sounds scary to narrow your audience down to one group, but it actually simplifies your business, I promise. With a niche, you’re not turning away students, you’re attracting your tribe.”

The Thriving Yoga Teacher: How To Create A Sustainable Career Doing What You Love