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5 Tips To Become A Traveling Yoga Teacher

A traveling yoga teacher’s job functions on the principle of a free vibe and works to add value to the lives of others. Moving around the world to work with...
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The Pesky Problem of Travel for Yoga Teachers

  GUEST POST from Virginia O’Connor of Audible Yoga. As you well know, if you’re reading this blog, yoga will take you as far as you let it. A daily...
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  • more money teaching yoga

16 Ways To Earn More Money Teaching Yoga

Teaching yoga is your dream job, right? Until one day when you realize how hard it is to pay your bills with a yoga teacher’s salary. The truth is, teaching...
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  • innovative yoga teachers

4 Innovative Yoga Teachers & What You Can Learn From Them

  Gone are the days when teaching yoga was all about studio classes. These days, yoga is being taught around the world in parks, at work, on Instagram, at retreats,...
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  • nail your next audition

Nail Your Next Teaching Audition

  Auditioning for a teaching position can be nerve wrecking for new and seasoned teachers alike. Use these tips to up your confidence and outweigh those butterflies in your belly....
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