About Us


Namaste Sweet Yogis. We are so grateful you are here!

I’m Michelle- yoga instructor and creator of Love Teaching Yoga.

Now you may be thinking I created this site because I love teaching yoga so much…which I do! But more importantly, I created this site because I care so much about my fellow yoga teachers. My intention is to empower teachers- to help them spread the light of yoga in an insightful and informed manner.

At Love Teaching Yoga we know that being a yoga teacher isn’t all peace, love and oms. Like any profession, we encounter challenges, risks, ebbs n flows, and the like. Yoga teachers are actually some of the most hardworking and generous people, and if you’re a yoga teacher too, then you know exactly what we’re talking about. We thrive off of sheer passion for the practice and the joy of sharing it with others. For us, we can’t imagine a sweeter job….

…but then somewhere along our path, the sweetness turns sour. Sadly, we see a lot of teachers get dogged down by job insecurity, low pay, growing competition, bookkeeping and taxes, marketing, networking, continuing education and even a general lack of inspiration. Phew…that’s enough to make any yogi forget their ujjayi. So what’s a teacher to do?

Enter Love Teaching Yoga: Your next step to living your dream and loving your job. We’ll pickup where your teacher training left off by providing you with the same support, love and encouragement. We’ll help you stand out, book privates, free-up your schedule and earn the income you deserve. All while providing you with an endless supply of resources to help you refine your craft and teach in a safe and informed manner. Said differently, we make it easier for you to love what you do!

Meet Michelle Linane: Entrepreneur & Lover of Yoga 

In all of my endeavors, I am first and foremost in the business of creating positive change. I believe change comes from within and if we want to see a world where people come before profits, happiness is the norm, and health is attainable to all, then we must embody those ideals ourselves.

Professional Bio

Michelle Linane is a yoga teacher and entrepreneur known for her good nature, activism, and love of helping others. In her early twenties she developed a deep obsession with all things healthy and natural, and completed a B.S. in Health Sciences. Driven by her passion for change, she founded Be The Change Yoga & Wellness (San Jose, CA), a donation-based studio with a mission to make the transformative power of yoga available to everyone regardless of financial circumstance. With a strong community focus, Michelle took yoga outside the studio walls and brought yoga programs to local parks, farms, schools and businesses. Having received her certification from internationally acclaimed teacher and author Mark Stephens, Michelle’s classes blend dynamic flow and self-transformation with a clear focus on safe alignment. Still committed to change, innovation and empowerment, Michelle now brings you Love Teaching Yoga!

My journey into entrepreneurship and the land of teaching yoga

In 2004 I stepped into my first yoga class and walked out thinking, huh…well that was strange. Luckily for me, the practice kept calling my name and I found myself in downward facing dog time and time again. A few years later, when my life became so busy I hardly recognized myself, yoga became my saving grace. I was juggling a job, an internship, and I was in my senior year of college. My mind was a mess and my body a wreck, but yoga gave me a chance to heal and think clearly. At the time, I was practicing at a donation-based studio called Yoga To The People, and when I stepped out of that studio and onto the streets of Berkeley, California, I was no longer tense in my shoulders, mad at my boyfriend, or worried about my job performance and finances. I felt peace, and my life was forever changed.

Fast forward a few years, I found myself once again at a point where my worklife was running my whole life. I was tired of competing in a saturated job market and working for other people. In fact I was so tired of it, that one day I woke up and said f*@# it! I’m going into business for myself and I’m opening a yoga studio! A donation-based one of course, because I had to give back what yoga (and Yoga To The People) had given me. So, in 2013 I opened the doors to Be The Change Yoga & Wellness in San Jose, CA.

Immersing myself in the practice, study and business of yoga, I heard my calling to teach and enrolled in a 200 hour training with one of the best teachers in the world, Mark Stephens at Santa Cruz Yoga. Nearing the end of the course, I had already begun to miss it and that’s when the idea of Love Teaching Yoga came to me. If you’re a yoga teacher too, then you know the learning never ends, so I wanted to create a nurturing environment for teachers to learn, grow and support one another just as teacher trainings do.

As simple as it may seem to outsiders, teaching yoga is actually a very complex practice to teach, and just like any profession, there’s always emerging trends, ideas, technologies and advancements in our understanding of the practice and profession themselves. Being in the midst of the internet changing how we exchange and receive information, I knew that an online platform would enable us to reach more teachers while making resources more affordable and accessible. I believe in the power of numbers, and that the love and support of a passionate tribe is what determines the success of any yoga teacher and thus, the impact that we make on the world as whole. It is my purest intention to provide value, inspiration, quality information and a place for yoga teachers to come together from around the globe. Together, we will make this world a brighter place. Namaste!